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Ghost Vs. Major

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Age : 29 Registration date : 2009-02-27 Number of posts : 852 Location : Ontario, Canada

PostSubject: Ghost Vs. Major   Wed 16 Jun 2010 - 3:34



We were pretty evenly matched, at the beginning. So much so I started to get worried (not that losing to Ghost would be a bad thing, it would be an honor to lose to him.), and started sweating, so I had to start getting my head into the game, and then I felt the "twitch". That feeling where you know exactly when and where to turn and when to squeeze the trigger.

Which lead to this.

Good game Ghost!

We shall play again and again until you win! (which I feel is sooner than we think!)
"Veni, vidi, Booya"
"I came, I saw, I KICKED ASS!!!"
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Sniper Academy Clan Leader
Sniper Academy Clan Leader

Age : 107 Registration date : 2009-08-22 Number of posts : 2080 Location : Somewhere in the abyss

PostSubject: Re: Ghost Vs. Major   Wed 16 Jun 2010 - 3:59

Yeah I felt the same twich, it was my lifeless corpse each time you shot my azz...LOL

That was for sure a good azz game even if I had lossed!!! I thought that I might win as well then you had turned on the fuc@ no I wont lose attitude and kicked my azz :-(

Good game brother,

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{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member
{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member

Age : 23 Registration date : 2009-03-23 Number of posts : 647 Location : wouldnt u like to know, California

PostSubject: Re: Ghost Vs. Major   Thu 17 Jun 2010 - 21:09

i see ghost got pwned!!! NICE ONE MAJOR Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost Vs. Major   

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Ghost Vs. Major

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