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*5 Rules and Regulations

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Sniper Academy Clan Leader

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PostSubject: *5 Rules and Regulations   Tue 6 Jul 2010 - 5:13

The rules provided below are mostly made up on the foundation in which we have defined {SA} as. Which is an all sniper class that employs what is in there satchel that has be provided by COD4. If you are trying out for this title then you should be aware that following the {SA} rules is mandatory. If abused then it could cost you your chance in obtaining the highly decorated title of being one of the best snipers on the {SA} Clan. Meaning that you will have to wait until the predetermined time before reapplying for the *5 tag.

Challenger rules

- Must challenge 3 current 5* members (if applicable)
- Must win 4 of the 6 matches to even be considered for the 5* tag
- A current 5* member has choice of map
- All maps except Shipment can be used, since one with your skill set should be up for the challenge on any map. Shipment can be used, but will not count for, or against you.
- Challenger can choose which 3 ranking 5* members to compete against (if applicable). Can choose who they wish to challenge first, second, and third. If they don't choose, it will automatically be chosen from "easiest" to hardest.
- If the challenger wishes, they may choose to compete in a one game matchup against three 5* members at one time but must have a positive KDR at end of game. If it is negative then it will be considered a loss.
- If challenger cannot for some reason complete the scheduled matches they forfeit their opportunity and will have to reapply at a later date. No earlier than 1 week after you were scheduled to challenge the last *5 member.
- No bitching - you’re supposed to be one of the very best, and most respected members of {SA}, so if you do by chance lose, then lose with dignity.
- If you ragequit, you are disqualified, and are not allowed to re-apply for a minimum of a month.
- If all *5 spots have been filled, then you may callout which ever member you choose for a match that will consist of 6 matches and you must win 4 of 6 matches to replace the current member that you had just challenged. This is done to be fair to the current member. If either player cannot beat the other by 2 rounds, another *5 member will be added to the challenge. If it remains even, *5 members will continue to be added until one has a lesser KDR (over all 6 matches) than the applicant.
- If you’re dethroned of the 5* spot you must wait the predetermined time to reapply and cannot challenge the same player that had just beat you.

Basic rules to follow

- Since this is based on sniping skill and not how good you are at quick-switching (switching weapons for increased rate of fire) will not be allowed.
- Knifing is allowed as long as there is no rush involved
- One Flash bang per life allowed
- Any sniper allowed with the standard {SA} no spraying policy
- Since this will be a 1 VS 1 camping is not allowed
- Frag Grenades are allowed with the exception of the Frag x3 perk
- Standard {SA} perks only
- Clays allowed
- Airstrike allowed
- Helicopter is allowed
- No glitching allowed
- Absolutely no pistols allowed
- Match will be 20 minutes
- Spawn killing is allowed so you better move it soldier for there may be a crosshair lined up on your forehead
- Team will be chosen by auto – assignment functionality
- Must have a Sergeant Ranking status or higher to request a tryout or permission given by Admin.
- If trying out for this position and you earned the required rank, you must also be an active member. You cannot tryout for this if you are not an active member on the {SA} Forum and/or Server

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Sin, Cain, Ghost

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*5 Rules and Regulations

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