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Thanks for stepping up to the plate!!

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Sniper Academy Clan Leader
Sniper Academy Clan Leader

Age : 108 Registration date : 2009-08-22 Number of posts : 2080 Location : Somewhere in the abyss

PostSubject: Thanks for stepping up to the plate!!   Fri 13 Aug 2010 - 8:48

*5 Members I want to go on record and say you are the best {SA} snipers and therefore are asked a lot of. By this I mean being called out at any given moment to scrim, challenge someone or just to get on the {SA} server for a game or two. I have done this so far with all of you that currently hold this title and have not been told no once… That is a plus in my book and I personally thank you all for it.
Now because there is so much expected from you all I had given you all more privileges on the xfire then others. Of course you know that the *5 is not a rank but a title which just states that you’re an elite sniper of SA and can be out ranked. But I still wanted to make sure that you get extra privileges to show my/our appreciation.

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On the flip side of this coin since you had stepped up to the plate you “MUST” know the Ranking Structure of {SA} and the rules of {SA} as well. You must know who can call a no rush game to who is allowed to call and set up a scrimmage match with another clan. You must be able to take orders from your peers as well as giving sound orders to people that rank under you. If a verbal challenge of rules or authority of a ranking officer and/or by someone that you out rank occurs this should “ALWAYS” be taken offline and done via xfire, email ECT… We don’t want to air our dirty laundry for all to see.. Of course this last part should go to everyone in the clan.


Thanks again for stepping up to the plate,
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{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member
{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member

Age : 24 Registration date : 2009-03-23 Number of posts : 647 Location : wouldnt u like to know, California

PostSubject: Re: Thanks for stepping up to the plate!!   Tue 24 Aug 2010 - 1:57

Thank you very much Ghost for giving us *5 members the rights that many others do not have. I will make sure to continue representing this clan like no other.

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Thanks for stepping up to the plate!!

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