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being kicked

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G haile

PostSubject: being kicked   Sun 22 Mar 2009 - 23:12

I was just kicked 10 mins ago and did nothing wrong. I was using an M40. Some one said i was shooting at them with a MP5 but i wasn't. Can you fix this plz. thx Very Happy
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Sniper Academy Clan Leader
Sniper Academy Clan Leader

Age : 27 Registration date : 2009-03-07 Number of posts : 930 Location : Tucson, Arizona

PostSubject: Re: being kicked   Mon 23 Mar 2009 - 4:15

When you get kicked, it's only for a certain amount of time. Was it an {SA} member, or someone else that kicked you?

Also, did you have overkill and have an mp5 as your secondary weapon?

If you remember the persons name that kicked you (if they're not {SA}), and if I see them in game, I'll keep an eye on them, to see if they're making stuff up.

~Sinful Pain
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Age : 39 Registration date : 2009-03-01 Number of posts : 65 Location : Nalo yo

PostSubject: Re: being kicked   Mon 23 Mar 2009 - 5:40

Kick time is for 1 hour... best way to get this fixed quick is to contact me, major, missy, or zara via xfire.
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PostSubject: Re: being kicked   Mon 23 Mar 2009 - 8:03

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PostSubject: Re: being kicked   

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being kicked

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