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AK-47/SharkCity update

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PostSubject: AK-47/SharkCity update   Sun 18 Mar 2012 - 9:32

What up guys! How've you guys been! just watched my first ever montage/copulation of my PC days... just wanted o say im on xbosx now for the most part, Still no computer... Obviously. Still strugling through this recession, Mainly focused on school, Work. just wanted to see what all the old heads have been up too ( sinful, Rambo, Jinx, Volturi, Sinful, Asked, Repoman)along with the new heads. Im sure there are plenty i missed, Dont take that offensive, Its been a while since i was a squeaker playing COD4. Hahaha. Comment and let me know whats up with you guys!

Am i a legend around here? No. Awwww. Sad Bahahaha. Well, peace,

PS., I think im going to be a lil more active on the site now, Looks like the drought is gone?
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PostSubject: Re: AK-47/SharkCity update   Sun 18 Mar 2012 - 14:50

Hey shark, good to see you come online. I haven't really played with you yet though I would love to in the future. Little headsup. I'm not sure if Asked is still in the clan, if he is then I've never met him or he plays under another name. Jinx left to, just to let you know Wink.
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AK-47/SharkCity update

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