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:ESP: sucks X)

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Age : 39 Registration date : 2009-03-01 Number of posts : 65 Location : Nalo yo

PostSubject: Re: :ESP: sucks X)   Tue 28 Apr 2009 - 8:51

LMAO... hmmmm well I do luv pussy. She had some good scores here and there. Wasnt all for a piece of ass. lol!
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Age : 26 Registration date : 2009-02-27 Number of posts : 62 Location : Uranus

PostSubject: Re: :ESP: sucks X)   Tue 28 Apr 2009 - 23:01

haha yea clover i feel ya on that one.. no offence asher it was kinda funny. lol! but she actually wasnt too bad awhile back when she was first recruited.. but i also thought at the time it would be a great addition to our clan to have a female to have all the 15 years gizzin in their pants everytime they play with her.. LOL this is an honest fact.. yes it is manipulative of me but it is advertising strategy. but she totally just took prolly because of the pressure of constantly having to keep up with her lies. thats just an assumption . LOL
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:ESP: sucks X)

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