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¤$$a$$iN screenshots

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Sniper Academy Clan Leader
Sniper Academy Clan Leader

Age : 26 Registration date : 2009-03-07 Number of posts : 930 Location : Tucson, Arizona

PostSubject: Re: ¤$$a$$iN screenshots   Fri 21 Aug 2009 - 14:52

All the screenshots are fine, except for the 7th one down. Please try to take the screenshots within the last minute, or during the break at the end of the game, so we can see the truer scores.

Also, with Xfire, you can take screenshots by pressing Scroll Lock + S, or whatever hotkey you have it set to.

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Age : 23 Registration date : 2009-03-21 Number of posts : 974 Location : USA Kentucky

PostSubject: Re: ¤$$a$$iN screenshots   Sun 23 Aug 2009 - 19:50

Not to bad... Dont care for some of them though.

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Age : 23 Registration date : 2009-07-19 Number of posts : 99 Location :

PostSubject: Re: ¤$$a$$iN screenshots   Tue 25 Aug 2009 - 21:21

Ha Ha im in two of the screen shots =] most of them are nice =]
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{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member
{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member

Age : 24 Registration date : 2009-03-23 Number of posts : 647 Location : wouldnt u like to know, California

PostSubject: Re: ¤$$a$$iN screenshots   Thu 27 Aug 2009 - 19:23

i see some good scores in there and some good kdr's

but dude

try to make sure they are all from {SA} servers Very Happy

the other servers arent really sniping and thats what this clan is mainly about lol
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PostSubject: Re: ¤$$a$$iN screenshots   

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¤$$a$$iN screenshots

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