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Thanks for your hospitality.

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PostSubject: Thanks for your hospitality.   Sat 21 Nov 2009 - 7:32

First things first. I enjoyed playing on your server up until the point I was accused of hacking. I think that your idea for a sniping only server for COD4 is awsome. I have had serveral servers for sniping only in the battlefield series games. Now moving on to why I actually came here. Once accused, I stated my case and asked for you to personally watch me and then come to a conclusion. I was told that I had no recoil, and no scope sway? Anyways if the person who was watching me had eyes he would have seen that I had plenty of recoil when I was shooting semi-auto sniper rifles. Now, when I was being spectated during the Killhouse map, I had the Remington 700 bolt-action rifle. Now we all know that after you shoot a bolt-action rifle you can't fire again until you chamber another round. After firing, I would exit from my scope view to let another round chamber and get eyes on target again. So, that explains the recoil...I guess? Now the no scope sway....well when I go to scope view I automatically hold my breath at the same time. Hince the no scope sway. Now, your probably wondering what about after you release your breath. First, I have the "iron lungs" perk, and second I never stay in scope view for the entire duration of my breath. It limits your FOV. So, if you still think I should be awarded the BAN medal, well then I guess I have to live with that. Just know that my play style is not sit and wait for someone to come, it's go and hunt people down. I do alot of drag shots and over the years of playing games I have become pretty good at them. Oh, and say Hi to Mr. "FEATHER" (The one throwing the fit).
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{SA} Sniper Elite *5 Member

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PostSubject: Re: Thanks for your hospitality.   Sat 21 Nov 2009 - 15:12

I've seen you on the {SA} severs before and I know that YOU DO NOT HACK. Everything that you said your accussed of is false.

My xfire is: rambotp

If you need help with hackers, complainers, machine gunners, etc or you could get our admin's xfires or anyother members for help

Depending of which sever it was you will have to wait for Godofwar, Sinful, or Krox.

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Thanks for your hospitality.

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