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How to Make a Proper Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: How to Make a Proper Ban Appeal   Tue 8 Dec 2009 - 21:28

The Real - кяσиσρнσиιχ

"This is ONLY for PERMANENT BANS! Do not waste our time by making a ban appeal if you were Temporarily banned, as they only last 1(ONE) hour."


This is an example of how to make a proper ban appeal.

Name of post: {SA}ROE|Kronophonix Ban Appeal

1. Name you were using when you were banned: {SA}ROE|Kronophonix

2. Approximate time and day you were banned: around 10pm PST (pacific standard time) on September 23, 2009

3. Name of probable admin who banned you: {SA}RTFM|Sinful

4. Names of other {SA} members that were in the match: {SA}Infamous, {SA}ghost

5. Reason you were banned: Excessive spraying with Dragonov

6. Reason we should unban you: I stopped using semi-auto sniper rifles and will only use a bolt action rifle on your server.

Any other comments can be left at the bottom after the criteria is met.
If you don't know something or can't remember just leave is blank, skip it, or write "I don't know". Filling out all 6 of the criteria increases the chances of you being unbanned.
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How to Make a Proper Ban Appeal

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